VRChat // VR-Roleplay for people focusing on EU Timezone

You really want to roleplay with people, but you can’t seem to find a group?
You did find a group, but they sadly play on American Timezones, which you can’t join in on?
Then don’t worry, the VRChat Roleplayers EU is the place for you!

This Discord Server was created to gather people together on one spot and present the possibility to promote, create or join excisting Roleplays.

You don’t have to be from the EU to join though! As long as you are okay with the timezones, you are welcome!

We have a couple of Roles you can get, such like “Roleplayer” , “RP-Interested”, “Groupleader” and now the “Suvis-RP-Member”.
As Side-Roles we have “Desktop”, “VR-Ready” and “Fullbody-Ready”.

We actually have an active Roleplay going on at this moment, which is called the “Suvis RP” (formerly known as MILKBAR RP). It is rather casual with the limitation of not breaking canon knowlege, but you can add your ideas into it (as long as they don’t contradict excisting canon).
You can ask me on Discord about more information anytime.

If you are interested in joining in, then please do so! After filling out the application form (which is to determine the Roles you can get), you will be welcomed with open arms!

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