VRChat // VR-Roleplay "Suvis-RP"

You want to try out a new Roleplay, but you might be new to the whole concept of RP?
You don’t want to commit to a serious roleplay but also want to have the possibility to create stories and interesting characters with others?
You just want to relax at a bar, talking to other players and just goofing around?

The Suvis-RP is the place to have a fun time then!
With a unique world and fun characters, we have created a semi-casual Bar-RP, that you will not see like this anywhere else. Every Session is a blast!
To give some information about it:

It is a fantasy setting, but fantasy is not the main focus. The main focus of the RP is the connections you can make and the Bar-Setting. We created a world from scratch, with a map and written lore about the world.
Our sessions take place every Saturday at 7pm UTC+2 (GTM). We usually end it after 4-5 hours, but you can leave whenever you feel like it!

To join the RP, you will have to join the VRChat Roleplayers EU and ask for the “Suvis-RP-Starter” role. After we notice your investment in the RP, you can ask for the “Suvis-RP-Member” role or we will grant it to you ourselves!
You can find more information and rules to the RP on the Server under the #suvis-faq chat.

I hope to see you in the bar soon and have a great day!