VRChat RP Community // Incarnate Burst // SAO/Accel World

Hello there, I’m Arnice the community owner of Incarnate Burst, an Accel World and SAO inspired roleplay. I am here to hopefully sell you on this amazing new server so that you can join us in our sessions.

What is Incarnate Burst?
Incarnate Burst is an Accel World and SAO inspired roleplay taking place in the same universe as both in 2046. In it you take on the role of a Burst Linker, a person with access to the game Brain Burst and the “Accelerated World”. In said Accelerated World players take on a Duel Avatar and can fight against other Burst Linkers in order to gain points and grow stronger.
You can join one of the many factions centered around the Color Wheel, reach for Level 10, or strive for even greater goals, the choice is yours!

Now why should you join? Well that’s quite simple:
:one: Knowledge of Accel World is not required and our friendly staff will help you get a character ready to be roleplayed that is fun and fits the world.

:two: We welcome new and veteran roleplayers alike and aim to create an experience so that anyone can become invested in our story.

:three: The story is dynamic, decided by the players, and character driven. Your choices will change and shape the world around you so have fun!

:four: We’re Quest Friendly!

All in all that’s all I gotta say, I hope you’ll consider joining and I hope to see you in the Accelerated World, you can join with this link!