VRChat // Texas Community Meetup

:star::star: WELCOME TO THE VRCHAT TEXAS SERVER :star: :star:

We’re happy to have you here and join this warm community of like-minded gamers whose main goal is to have fun and share our passion for gaming and anything in general.

This server is also a direct source for communicating with VRChat Texas members and connecting with other wonderful people! Head over to #introduceyourselves and let us know about you!

But like most things in life - to avoid massive chaos and war, we need rules. Kindly review these before you engage in the channels.

➭ We have a zero-tolerance against bullying.
➭ We accept all people no matter what background, race, gender or creed - so please respect everyone you address here.
➭ In addition kindly avoid talking about: - Anything to do with Religion or Politics - Racist, hateful or straight-up offensive topics.
➭ Respect the privacy of everyone on this channel. If you need to communicate with anyone, please use the DMs or if they have a public email, please connect with them that way.
➭ Any posts that are found to contain anything resembling these will be removed. If a user continues to abuse he/she will be removed from the server.

Thank you guys for joining! Welcome to the community and we look forward connecting and hanging out with you!