A Messaging System

there are people that sit in VRchat 24/7 at work the only type of messaging system we have is the invite system i made a concept image in Affinity Designer

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There will be no messaging system in VRChat, as it defeats the main purpose of VRChat, which is meeting other people.
The devs have talked about that several times in the past few years.

If you really need to message someone, you can do it with another tool, like discord, telegram, etc.

If you want to quickly say something to someone → go join them :wink:

  • Everyone on Yellow/Red
  • No one accepts Invites
  • some people don’t get invite Notifications
  • No one wants to Be in vr and constantly Use there OVR
  • some people don’t meet the system requirements but yet still play and for them having discord running lose about 10 Frames with VRchat Poorly unoptimized Code/Unused Code still being read by the system
  • mostly Everyone mirror dwels and doesnt talk to each other
  • the new chat box Feature was poorly implemented with no Message history within the world or on hud/in any menu UI
  • Literally the devs had said a lot of things but yet go against said things or do Said Things anyway

There is a lot of negativity in this post, and half isn’t really on topic. But I’ll be courteous and answer them anyways.

  • They usually have a reason for it.
  • They usually have a reason for it.
  • That’s very rare, and if you think they didn’t got it, just send another one.
  • That has nothing to do with VRChat, but with the people you meet, go meet other ones that actually care about you.
  • That has to be quite an old system. And I’m sorry, but usually you have to meet at least the minimum system requirements to enjoy something decently. There is the option to disable certain things to increase performance for those who suffer. And no, most of the time it’s the user generated content that causes the performance issues.
  • Go meet other people. I for myself don’t encounter that many which mirror dwell and don’t interact with others that often, and I play since years. That also has nothing to do with a messaging system.
  • The chatbox is a feature for people who are to afraid/uncomfortable to speak, or have disabilities that prevent them from speaking. It is not an Instan Messaging thing, it’s a replacement for speaking, as such it is as volatile as speaking.
  • That is partially true, but at the same time, they say something, and the community interprets it wrongly. The whole EAC thing for example. The Dev Team said that they listen to the community. And they did, and they did implement a lot of QoL features that were missing and very much needed. But some people believe that “listening to the community” means that they do what ever the community wants. That is just stupid entitlement. What they do is listen to the community and try to integrate their ideas in to their plans. Sometimes that’s a no brainer (think of the Menu spawning in front of your face, local mirror, gesture indicators, etc), and sometimes it needs more refinement (Avatar Scaling i.e.) and sometimes it’s not wanted (Messaging system, avatar search).

Hello sorry for my attitude previously i just really care about this game and i came off as rude with my strong passion for vrchat i just want the best for this game

I guess running udon in like a virtual machine is a bit inefficient. But for the most part VRChat can rely on the game engine.

For the most part it’s usually the assets that are unoptimized. I actually saw a world yesterday that replaces a bouquet of flowers with a lower detail bouquet when the player is away from it. I guess that means it swapped too early as I saw it. But still cool.

The usual technique I see to not draw everything all the time is giving certain things and area that the player is in for it to be drawn. It’s based on the player position so maybe camera gets to see this happen. Or if you’re in VR peek your head through a wall. Some world are aggressively tuned, other worlds are not. I’ve even seen worlds with no optimization so when you look from one side of the map at a wall in the direction of the majority of the map you see a wall but your fps is really low because it’s drawing everything in that direction.

Well when you say in game assets are unoptimized Poly count doesnt matter as much as you think the area of effect on GPU is Textures the size of them and the complexity of them the games code is the problem let me give an example

So i have 2 things on my git hub bothj just make a bunch of folders on your system incase the user wants a fast way of making folders and does not want to do it and its all written in python

This code will run slower when put into an EXE

from functools import partial
import os
import time

def pause():

this code will run faster within a EXE

import sys
sys.dont_write_bytecode = True
import ULMAPI as api
from time import sleep

print("Creating new folders!")

The reason is because when time is imported it will think im going to be using everything in time but im not im using the sleep function since this is a terminal based Program if you just run the python scripts by themselfs its fine its fast without a problem but the end user needs to install python but for it to be Universaal where the end user has to do nothing but run i have to compress it into a EXE IE then i have to optimize for windows

If you want to request a new feature in VRChat, this is the appropriate link to do so.

Check to see if anyone else has made the same request before making your own. If someone has, then you can upvote it!