VRCHAT // Vietnamese Community

(I am sorry if this post is in the wrong place, please tell me if I need to move the topic to somewhere else)

My name is Dang, I am a member from the Vietnamese VRChat community

Vietnamese community has grown quite big and participated widely in VRChat comunities recently.
Thus, for an easier integrating and communicating of Vietnamese community, can we have the option for choosing Vietnamese language in the language box of VRChat homepage (and if possible on Discord channel also)

Details is as the picture below:

I have posted a Canny request with the same content in May, 2020 and the post received 62 votes now.

We also have a discord channel with over 500 members playing VRChat
VRChat Vietnam discord: https://discord.gg/85kby4j

(Just for side information, at around the same time, Romanian Community has the same request and has been approved at the end of July)

Anybody has some idea where I should make contact for the regarding topics?