Vrchat stops loading after login and stagnates on the intro screen

During the loading process, it gives the thumbnail, followed by a brief glimps saying its logging me in. After, about 2 seconds of the empy greenish screen occur before cutting to the one where the homeworld icon shows up. Right before the however, it stops on the greenish screen with the intro music playing. It stagnates like this for a couple minutes before timing out.
I have tried:
-deleting and reinstalling the app
-initiating a factory reset
-checking connection
-deleting the app after deleting app data, followed by factory reset

Does anyone have any recommendations? The last time i was on before this, it kicked me out of the app entirely saying something to the effect of not enough memory to RUN vrchat. This was new, normally it just mentions mem, and send me to homeworld. This is different. Getting rid of excess storage id think would be easy enougj, but as stated above, i cant even enter the program to delete anything.
to anyone who finds this,
Thank you for your help

same problem here.

VRChat did a rollback of the latest patch. Worth checking again.

Same problem here. It seems my PC version is not working. But my Steamdeck and Android versions are both okay.