VRChat SDK Roadmap (May 2024)

Not happening any time soon if ever, the Quest hardware is just not built to handle it

Complete with bonus about Very Poor avatars on Quest! :sweat_smile:

Link to the Open Beta Channel in the VRC Discord where this was talked about: Discord


I have no problem with VRChat being “transparent”. But the level of transparency still needs to be filtered and moderated. People will pick up any little thing and make assumptions.

So instead of saying, “We know this is contentious. We are worried about the social implications…” (…for a clock…) you could say, “We are looking into this feature! Do you guys have any thoughts about it? Concerns or wants?”.

Because to me, it was “we are super worried about adding it because we are worried about it negatively impacting social experiences” and then months later you randomly released it. It gets confusing and feels like VRChat can’t agree internally on stuff (even if you’re just exposing the part of the process).

Three Mile Island, for example, is a great lesson in PR and transparency. There is such a thing as too much or the wrong type of transparency. It is not an ultimatum between opaque and transparent.

In practice the clock hasn’t changed much, I still have to tell one friend when it’s midnight.

Thank you again for all your feedback!

We added two more paragraphs to the main post about Udon UI and Steam Audio. Some creators have been waiting for them with bated breath. To clarify: These features have not been scrapped, but they’re not coming soon.

We also added the public SDK roadmap to our creator documentation to make it easier to find. Please remember that this is a snapshot of what we’re working on in May. Visit Canny to see the current status of individual roadmap items.

See you in August! (That’s when we’ll probably post an updated roadmap)