Vrchat now automutes my mic when i open the menu

after the last update vrchat now automutes my mic even if i’m talking to someone when i open my menu how do i disable this? (on pc)

it also does this if you talking to someone with the menu open and then close it

with the other menu problems after the update this also might be a glich and not intentional but if it is how do i disable it?

What platform are you playing VRChat on? Quest or PC?

as i said already in the original post pc (it happens when im holding down the button to talk and then open the menu or when im holding down the button to talk with the menu already open and i close it) im using push to talk

I’m unable to reproduce this issue.

im talking about opening the menu while talking, not just spamming the mic button ill go make another video for you

ok here is a video of my problem Dropbox - 2022-05-27 16-51-41.mkv - Simplify your life

this is a big problem because now people cant talk while changing their avatars, or looking at a friend invite, or requests to join, or anything else that has to do with the menu

ill also go make a bug report on that website of it for you

the last update has fixed this