When starting vrc microphone defaults to unticked

For the last few months whenever I start vrc my microphone shows as the correct named selected but I get no audio and when I go into change microphone, none are showing as ticked. I personally use a quest 2 connected to my PC using the steam version of vrc but I also have a friend who is experiencing the same issue who uses a Valve Index /PC which has been doing the same. When the microphone gets ticked by going to “change mic” then ticking it, the microphone works like normal but when I open vrchat next I find it’s defaulted to unticked again.

It worked previously but has been having issues for months now. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Microphone issue was asked about in last week’s dev update thread, so I’m hoping there is update to client soon with that fixed. Or we get a new thread to pester them about it in the next day or so.

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