VRChat Mobile for IOS When? I've been curious

Ive been wondering when VRChat will come to IOS. Just a simple question because it would be nice to be able to play VRChat on my iPhone. :slight_smile:

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I have good reason to believe this won’t take place for a while. Discord has had its own issues following within the Guidelines of Apple’s TOS of their marketplace. VRC really pushes that boundary, until VRC can firmly implement its new content-gating features I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

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I would add that migrating the existing runtime of VRChat from Quest to “classic” Android is “simple” as it’s the same structure and architecture underneath. Tho on IOS you’ll get a whole new project to make, and even maybe some specific aspects and compatibilities that may shatter the community even more that it is between pc and android. And that’s ignoring what @MikeCore said about Apple TOS that is a real pain to deal with on a app like VRChat.

I’ll be very curious to know tho when we will get some more information.

This should also easily come to Apple Vision Pro. Would be great to not have to run ALVR and do all kinda streaming work arounds… This headset has an M2 cpu/gpu… should be able to keep up with full resolution VRC!

actually as we speak, closed IOS beta started

From the official vrchat discord

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