Developer Update - 16 May 2024

Welcome to the Developer Update for 16 May 2024!

If you’d like to catch up, you can read our previous Developer Update from 2 May.

Important Info / Announcements

Signups for the iOS Closed Beta are NOW OPEN!

We’re ready to announce that we’re now accepting beta testers for the VRChat iOS Closed Beta! We’ve been cooking this one up for quite some time, as we first hinted at when we announced that we were beginning the Android Alpha last year.

The Closed Beta for iOS will work a little differently than the Android version, however.

We will be opening up an application for iOS beta testers. You can access this form via the VRChat website.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the full blog post here!

Website Changes

Another round of updates from the web team :sparkles:

  • Added signup form for the iOS Closed Beta (go sign up!)
  • Added a new “forgot email address” tool you can find on the login screen
  • Fixed a layout error when editing your profile on the web
  • Fixed an issue preventing open-source licenses from being accessed on web
  • Fixed some broken links in the Marketplace
  • Expanded the list of apps we suggest when you set up two-factor authentication
  • Fixed an issue affecting display of expired purchases
  • Prevented the account merge function from being run multiple times in quick succession, and causing unexpected behaviour
  • Fixed an issue where the list of users banned from the group was not able to be properly managed by non-group admins despite having the correct permission
  • Turned off autofill on user profile name and email address fields to prevent issues
  • Improved the reliability of the “also invite me” option when creating an instance on web

Check them out at VRChat - Home!

A Reminder: New Homeworld Coming Soon!

We talked about it last update – but we’re bringing it back for another go!

Here’s the World Link, hop in and enjoy the vibes!

This is a separate ID; we’re running a brief Open Beta test before moving it to the Default Home ID.

At this stage, we’re polishing up some final details, so we’d love your feedback on any bugs or usability issues, but we’re not ready to field new feature requests just yet. We’re focused on stabilizing the new world as a solid foundation as we move forward.

Here’s the Canny link if you find glitches or gremlins! We’ll be tackling high-priority bugs before releasing the world.

A Bit of a Tease…

What if whenever your favorite world updated, you didn’t have to redownload the entire world – just the stuff that changed?

We’re working on something to make that a reality, and hopefully save on both our (and your!) bandwidth costs. Not to mention, it should greatly reduce download times, especially for particularly chunky worlds.

We don’t have much to say more than that for now, but put a pin in this one – you’ll be hearing more about it in the future.


And that’s it!

That’s it for this Dev Update! Things were a bit lighter this time around, as there’s a lot we’re working on that we either just talked about, or can’t quite talk about yet!

Our next text update is scheduled for May 30. See you then!


Thats neat,
But you should give us the ability to grant the avatars we make to our friends that way if we wanna share the avatars we make to our friends we dont gotta make it public


This shift of downloading new assets from an updated world sounds awesome. Didn’t know that could be a reality on something instance-based!


If the avatar is public, I can just look at the name and author and just go to Prismic’s and get it myself if I wanted :B

Thats actually a good reason why people could benefit from avatar granting
a lot of people wanna share avatars with their friends but dont want it to be public because 9 year olds will get their hands on it


pretty nice :+1:

Oooh Delta updating worlds, interesting.

Meanwhile I will excitedly wait for input 2.0 so I will have to deal less with stick drift on my Quest Pro (need that hand tracking on PC!)


Is there any indication that we should’ve received in our inboxes that our applications for the iOS beta were successful? I’ve been checking mine and even Spam folders but haven’t seen anything yet. :thinking:

heyo thats pretty really cool tease, real curious for it.

Could you guys move the Gesture Lock back out of it’s dark corner of the Wheel, or maybe make it easier to use Gesture Lock as a button? I lost my SteamVR settings a bit back and I had my left index touchpad as my gesture lock. now I can’t do emote locks as easily anymore.


I’d recommend making a post about this on so people can vote on it.

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I can’t wait to test vrchat on iOS but I wonder when we will start receiving invitations?

Wondering if the iOS beta sing-up is rolling out in different stages/regions or if some places/people are just excluded, cause I’m not getting the banner or anything.

about time the Delta files that have been uploaded for years finally get a use.

Any news regarding Steam audio or Variable rate shading / Foveated rendering?

Not that I’m aware of – not yet, at least!

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Awesome, thank you! :blush:

When the IOS Version comes out do we need to download the IOS Thing on unity or will it be intergrated into the Android Thing

My understanding is that the ios are automatically converted from android. I would suspect that VRChat does not want to commit to automation just yet.

My advice to them would be to stay strong and not promise anything. Even if it’s 99% working at the moment.