Vrchat Avatar Markeplace

VRC marketplace

A world that people can see on the main page or the world page as a shop icon.

This world could have booths (like at furality for example) or be similar to avatar searching worlds (such as prismics or VRCDBs worlds).

The markeplace could;

  • Cost VRC credits
  • 20% of said credits goes to the creator (gumroad and others take 30%)
  • Any avatar bought would be instantly added to your account (will help new users with getting custom avatars)
  • You can see a demo version of the avatar before purchasing, including the different features such as toggles, audio link or any other toys and gadgets the avatar might include.

Avatars bought through the marketplace can have a badge and it’s own safety setting to prevent malicious avatars.

For avatars that are technically not allowed by vrchat, a separate marketplace for the more mature side of the vrchat user playerbase would be nice.

  • This marketplace would only be joinable if the user has a linked phone number, id verified (like on roblox), if they have bought vrchat plus, any other way to verify a users age.

Now for the cons of a system like this

  • Making avatars using unity will be different, there needs to be a way for the consumer to receive the unity package, which might happen off platform.
  • Avatar ripping will still happen, but if a “marketplace bought badge” gets introduced for the avatar, it would incentivize the user to buy the avatar through the marketplace.

Thing about avatars is people would pay only so they can have a customized version of an avatar. People would simply use existing avatar worlds to search for public avatars for free.

That’s actually part of the problem, a lot of the avatars you’ll find in those search worlds are paid avatars that shouldn’t even be uploaded as public.

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Even if all of such avatars were removed or made private, I doubt base avatars will see significant adoption, especially if they’re paid.

That’s certainly true for some people, but the vast majority of paid avatars I’ve come across in-game haven’t been edited at all, most people I’ve seen are just importing the project into Unity and uploading it.

There are certainly many benefits to a locked-down avatar marketplace approach from a safety perspective. Creators could put avatars up with specific rules that VRChat could realistically apply on them, such as ensuring they remain set to private and tagged if applicable.

It would also allow creators to push through bugfixes and other updates to their avatars in a more streamlined manner.

The main issue I see would be the money split, avatar creators are going to want a bigger cut. Many of them have already been leaving Gumroad because other platforms have lower fees.

I think it would be a good addition to what already exists, for those who don’t want to touch Unity and also don’t want to give other people access to their account for uploads.

Whether something like this happens or not, I think VRChat needs to take paid avatars being uploaded as public more seriously, it harms creators which ultimately is bad for VRChat itself.

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What they could do is sell fully finished avatars on the “marketplace” and if people still wanted to customize it then they can request the unity file from the creator with proof of purchase or something along the lines.

I think best approach since some creators are already doing it anyways, is mark whether you can get the original files or not for it. They’ll be a side panel or some buttom somewhere in the ui that marks the avatar as editable/or not.

But for avatar bases and assets and such, people can definitely still buy them through gumroad.

Another con with this thing is ripped assets or if someone bought an asset and isn’t using the correct license and proceeds to sell the avatar with said assets. Do the creators ask for a takedown? Do the creator of the assets get a cut?

Isn’t that what Vket is in some way?

I’m not too familiar with vket is, could you elaborate?

Vket is basically what was described, it’s an big event that have been in partner with vrchat for a while and still does when new editions arrive.

It’s done with partners from outside the vr space, gives places for those sponsors to express in customized worlds depending on the season, and also provides places for people to have booths to present their assets and allow people to try them in game.

You can actually still visit most of them by typing vket in the world search in vrc.

I let you check their official website here : https://event.vket.com/en