VRC Working smoothly and more

My biggest concern with VRC has always been professionalism, and after speaking to a few Anoms, Im learning how much VRC staff have dramatically improved over the last few years.

I feel weeding out problematic people and keeping the ones who take their jobs seriously was a smart move. But I hope those hard working employees are getting paid proper for the ridicules amount of work they are doing to keep this platform running. =/

I will never be the one to Dev boot lick, but I will be real in admitting when they are doing a good job, Both at the surface level and behind the scenes.

On another note I feel Adds (Via Billboards and posters) in VRC would be beneficial. Contacting popular world owners and giving them a cut to post adds in their worlds would be interesting to see. STuff like KIWI, BOBO, META, VRC Models, assets, and other VR and VRC related products.
This would be incentive for people to make popular worlds and also help the platform. But I also know this is something A world owner could do on their own but VRC could be in charge of agreements and contracts. Making sure not to put users into complicated situations. IDK just an idea.

(The Calm)
Public worlds use to be so toxic but now it seems like things are simmering out. Sure you still get your Memers and Trolls but it is nothing in comparison to what it was a few years ago. It feels like you can go into Public and find some cool people to just chat with. Something I feel the platform has needed for too long.

And thats all the things. I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of their mental health. Stay awesome.

This statement is hard to hear after recent events.

I understand your justification, but I do not think paid/incentive advertisements are a good idea. It’s the first step on a slippery slope to turning this platform into something awful. The way it works now is best and doesn’t really need to change.

If we want to start doing advertisements to actually solve a specific problem, then I am probably for it. But just adding advertisements because they “would be beneficial” without any target problem it’s solving is not productive.

I completely agree. Ever since EAC was added, public/friends+ instances are much better to be in.

People like to use the justification, “Well, people still crash using avatars!” Yeah, and I don’t show them because of my safety settings usually. If you just turn off shaders and audio, you’re usually just fine. Worst you get are people being a nuisance.

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