Is there anyway to change my username? If so, how? I’m transgender and my user name now is my dead name, and I dont want to loss all my friends on Vrchat.

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Go to go to edit your profile and at the top you can change your display name

Special notice it gives

You may only change your name once every 3 months, choose wisely! Once you change your name, you may never be able to get your original name back!

Your display name can be changed every 90 days, as @Butterstuffs points out.

Your user name is the first display name that you ever used, and it cannot be changed.

This might change in the future.


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Wondering how I can change my display name on here (askvrchat). This is also my dead name.
I have changed it on VRChat.
Is there anyone I can speak to who can change it on this site? I tried using the “message a staff member” option but see no way of contacting anybody via PM. The contact us link is also broken (plus I wouldn’t consider this an emergency).

I see no way of editing it beyond deleting my account. Will deleting my account here remove my VRC account?

I don’t believe we have a way to do this, but I’ve matched your name here to your VRChat name as a one-time thing.

When I get some time I’ll look into a way to solve this.

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Thank you very much! That’s much appreciated.