Question: Can I get my old name back if it hasn't been taken yet

I changed the name a while ago, and so far, from looking around, I haven’t seen if anyone else has since claimed the name, I’ll search the name in VRChat and on the website, but the name doesn’t pop up. But whenever I try to make a new account with that name, it says it’s taken. Can I change the account name back to it when I get the name change again, or is the name lost forever?

Try logging into VRChat, or the SDK with your original username. I believe the original name is still attached to account.

I’d expect that you can go back, but I would like to know for sure. I had idea to rename myself to have four extra digits like I’m a platform account, but I’d want to put it back eventually.

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Hey, you were correct. The name was linked to the account, and I have gotten the name back. So hopefully you should be able to get your name back as well.

Thanks for your help and answering the question.