Can not change name

Hello I have been banned on this account for a year.
Now it has been 3 years since then but I can not the change the name on this account it simply does not let me.
Is there a way I can do it?

Just to cearify this: I’m not VRChat Staff. Everything here is from personal experiance and could be wrong.

Change your username would prevent the usecase of banning you when they would allow you to change your username or allow you to limitless use your account. Even if you could change it, you can’t pick it with a second account if it was the first name of your banned account.

Did you try to ban appeal after 3 years?

This account is bean unbanned for 2 years but I can not change the name.
The actual name is the one I am using now

Than i would recommend you to submit a request because this is to individual to be handled in a forum:

Your previous name was a reference to a hateful historical figure, so the privilege of being able to change your name was revoked.

All moderation-related issues should be resolved through our moderation appeal process!

I’ll be closing this thread now.