Uploading avatar (wrong choice?)

When i’m uploading sample avatar (left pic) it’s good. When i,m uploading custom avatar

It is choosen “body” in Selected avatar. It should be ready to upload according to description.

Can you look if maybe the avatar descriptor is on the body object in the second project ?

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Yes, body has VRC Avatar Descriptor (Script). I tried to move it to KawaiiBoy, but it still show some errors after i try to upload it. Even VRChat SDK looks good.

On your second post with the latest screenshot, there is an item that says just (script)

This is a reference to a script, and the log is trying to tell you that its not okay to have a missing script when building an avatar.

Unity doesn’t display any useful details about it, so maybe just delete it and you can always figure out whats missing later? an old SDK2 descriptor would show like that.

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You’re right. Deleting (Script) helped.
Thank You both for Your help!