Toony Standard Shader

Welcome to Toony Standard, a toon shader with some standard elements built mainly for VRChat!

This is my little pet project for the last year and half, and with the recent 2.0 update i think it’s time to share it around a bit more.

In this shader you will find most of the common features that you’re already used to have in other shader, as well as a couple of less common features, and also supports some common lightmapping settings, so it is suitable for maps as well).

But what makes it really special is the shader inspector it comes with: 3 different views for the inspector based on the user experience, from the basic version where it only shows you some basic settings to not overwhelm a new user, up to the expert level where you can even play with stencils.

The inspector also integrates a texture packing tool that will generate one texture from 4 single channel masks, no idea what i mean with that? don’t worry, unless you’re in expert mode the inspector will take care of that in the background.

Tired of having to search around for toon ramps? Too annoying to go and searh that little ramp generator tool that is somewhere in your menus just for making a ramp that is only slightly different from the one you have?
Well, then you will like the integrated ramp generator available in the inspector itself.

Want to know more about the features? Check the official GitHub repository:
It also has a wiki with a rough explanation of each shader feature available.

Here some example avatars that people made:


Thought I’d give this a test on my avatar. Its pretty nice. I don’t think its for me, but its a really cool shader.

Use it a ton.

Looks good, will try for sure