Toggles dont show in unity or vrchat

I have a booth model, the first version I uploaded had a Security check failed thing so I tried to make it less, and while it works most of what I want wont show, in the project window it is there but if I go into play mode they are gone or if I go into vrchat they are gone, please help

Can you be more precise on what model, what you did to “make it less” and what kind of operations you did to do so ?

the model was from booth called Wolfram, I removed some extra stuff like clothing and weapons, then I tested it with gesture manager

Did it work before? The gestures manager works when you select the object tin the hierarchy. Right now I have trouble helping you.

If you can provide screenshot or a small video of how you work, it would help a lot.

thats the only model that does that I tried another I had and it worked fine, maybe its the security check? as the booth model has two versions and one worked and the other didn’t? but idk

i can see it fine in normal project but when i hit play its gone with the other stuff

Yeah, i’d give up on that one, sorry. Maybe check your console, see if there is an error, or anything.

awww really I want this so bad