This was sent in my group chat now im wondering if anyone else is having problems with the phone update

i wanted to hop on vrchat today and just chill out in some public worlds. But its been very difficult for me to stay inside worlds when the application crashes if i stay there for more than 5 minutes. even with everyone’s avatars hidden.

idk of anyone else is having this same issue on quest but frankly its really messing with my drive to even play vrchat at all.

Quest client in general seemed fine last night. As a PC user I have a better time remembering world that are really bad for Quest users. “Just B Club”, don’t do it. A friend of mine forgot and went to a “just big club”, also terribad on Quest.

3d scan of anything, also a really bad idea.

Not sure if a fresh reboot ever helps a quest out.

they said it was pcvr that was crashing them not exactly quest they said that was find but as soon as they hooked up the cord it made their headset hot and crash

On the positive side if they’re tethering a headset to a PC and running VRChat on the PC, the headset is safely isolated from VRChat.

For tether and wireless streaming the PC runs the games and sends the display content to the headset.

I was on VRChat yesterday and my memory kept running out. Not sure if it’s the game or if it’s my headset, but it’s probably the latter. The thing’s 2 years old now.