The default maximum memory of avatar version 1.2

Is it possible to change the default setting for the maximum estimated memory usage from 300MB to around 500MB?

Or provide some kind of quick menu like switching modes, as many users may not be aware of these operations, which may lead to users not knowing how to see the correct avatar.

Like when the game had a large download limit of about 200MB by default.

Or could you provide leveling in the login screen? Quickly select a level according to your needs, for example, 60MB and 300MB for a relatively low device, 100MB and 400MB for a medium device and 200MB and 500MB for a high device?

Because of the design of the download of 200MB and 500MB of memory sooner or later, the available quick settings are designed with such a limit, and it is necessary to click an additional 1.2GB (until July 16th).

In addition, in version 1.2, it is not possible to adjust the options to make your avatar display, and the avatar that is too large in size is like being blocked, so you can’t even use the menu, and you can’t bind it to your body.