Max avatar download size is stuck at 10

Hello everyone, i am having an issue where i cannot increase my avatar download size…
It is stuck at 10 and will not let me bring it up.
This issue has been going on for a while and i have no idea how to fix it. Its getting to the point where i cannot even see anyone’s avatar, and cannot even see my own. I dont know if its a glitch or what.

Try changing into one of the avatars in VRChat home. I wonder if the avi you’re trying to change into is corrupted, or maybe your computer is not wanting to download from VRChat.

Other option to check is the distance limit on showing avatars. The default is 30 meters, so any one far away it won’t show the avatars. Some people have had VRChat set the number to zero, and putting it to something else fixes things

Hi! From my quick check, you are a quest user!

Vrchat limits the download of questies to 10mb to help performance. You can only go above 10 on the PC platform. This is due to the lower specs of the standalone quest, and unfortunately, you cannot set it higher than 10 on quest. In fact, you can’t even upload quest avatars higher than 10 MB!