Avatar download size wont change, always 11.87mb

I’ve been trying to upload my avatar for quest for a day now, and I am unsure what I am doing wrong at this point? I tried updating VCC, using the sdk unity package, and A LOT MORE. Here, I have a simple cube that is somehow 11.87mb, I unchecked and checked a ton of boxes to no avail. I’ve made tons of avatars before and this really has me stumped!!! Am I missing something obvious??!?!

Dumb mistake, it was the old unoptimized upload preventing me.

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Just for anyone playing along at home, your just a cube avatar wouldn’t be building because of that stop sign flagged message about the missing animator.

What do you mean by this?

The warning about the last successful avatar build being 11.87mb wasn’t going away, because there was an error directly above that was preventing a successful avatar build from happening…

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Thank you for this. Was able to upload my Quest avatar.