How to compress the size of a PC avatar

So after their upload limit update I tried compressing my avatar that is 1.32 GB which it said the limit is 1.20 GB and deleted most of the outfits but it still has not changed anything but not saying its 500MB
Screenshot 2024-06-18 122724
and loads as a bot in vrchat, so their any other way to compress the avatar? I don’t know if I need to lower textures of the sort to compress it more?

Did you press the build and test button again ?
As stated in the message, the size is associated to the latest build size.

Tho, even if you removed costumes and such. What the hell i never saw an avatar this big :melting_face:

LOL, ill jus try to put it in blender and decimate it. I never had a avatar as big as that and i just edited it

Usually it’s not meshes that take size. If you want to lower the texture sizes, check the tool from Thryrallo GitHub - Thryrallo/VRC-Avatar-Performance-Tools . It will sort by texture size, and you can check what happends when you lower it.

Also maybe check D4rlc0d3r Optimizer, that should make a lot of optimizations in one click GitHub - d4rkc0d3r/d4rkAvatarOptimizer: d4rkpl4y3r's VRChat Avatar 3.0 optimizer