How to optimise your VRChat Quest Avatar and fit below the 10Mb limit in 2024 Tutorial Part 2 - Better Texture settings for Quest

In this video you will learn how to setup textures for Quest so they take less space and how to analyse your avatar Quest build if you want to.

Watch the video tutorial on Youtube here

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Thanks for posting! One of the easiest ways to reduce texture size is to reduce the resolution of larger textures. You should encourage people watching to try that first.

I’m sorry but did you actually watch the video? I am showing how to dramatically reduce the size on quest by setting the compression better for Android.
I learned this from Orels, because Vrchat provides zero documentation about this, I would have probably never learn this because literallyhardly anybody knows.
I also mention resolution in the part 1 video, but this is better than that for Quest

Or did you actually meant lowering the resolution outside of Unity, in Photoshop, Gimp etc ? I cannot understand for sure from the formulation.

My advice is valid either way. Changing the settings in the Android override produce dramatic changes (one of the atlases is like 2.6 MB lower after setting it like I say)

I did watch it! I did not view the part 1 video.

I meant lowering the resolution of the texture in the import settings. The resolution of the texture outside of Unity only matters insofar as the maximum resolution you can use for importing.

The issue I see with many avatars on Quest is that the resolution of textures are set far too large (2k, 4k etc). So, I often recommend that people look at the import resolution first as a method for reducing memory and file size.

For example, I found an avatar the other day that was Very Poor even on PC due to texture memory, and it had several entirely black textures set to 4k.

After that, using better compression techniques is another win.

Ok, so changing the resolution is in the first video. It’s right after atlasing.
And you did comment under the first video lol


well I’ve just got horrible memory then, my bad!

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