[SOLVED] Texture is too large for Quest fallback no matter how I change the resolution

Edit: The Control Panel was detecting the wrong texture… I deleted it and it worked.



VRChat let me upload my avatar at good performance last time with the texture being 2K, but on second upload it keeps saying the texture is too large. I even tried the lowest resolution and it still says the same thing. I tried reloading the SDK, exiting out of Unity and coming back, still says the texture memory is above 10 mb. I’m using the android texture settings too. I’m uploading the correct avatar in my hierarchy, it has the correct material applied. There’s only one texture used on my avatar. I really want to use this as a fallback.

My suspicion is that you converted the material, and it still had references to the bigger textures.

Whenever I make quest materials I start from scratch

If this crops up again you can check by asking unity to export the material as a package