I'm having issues regarding textures breaking whenever uploading a quest avatar

I recently bought the “Waterpark Shark” avatar from Vultrha, and I’ve been having issues regarding it, whenever I edit the avatar in Unity or even import it in blender to check the textures everything is fine, they show with no problems. The real problem comes when I eventually upload the avatar, the avatar preview shows it with textures present, not broken at all, but whenever I use the avatar, it completely becomes pink apart from the hat. The console shows absolutely no errors, by the way.

I also tried uploading the avatar straight from original file without editing it one bit, it instead shows up as completely grey, hat still not being affected. The only thing I changed in the one I’m showing right now is the texture, which is just one of the already existing textures with colors edited.

What version are you uploading too that is having the issues? Pc or android?

I’m uploading to android

try using toon lit instead of standard lite if you are. otherwise make sure your sdk is updated and your material settings are not altered

For what its worth, that pink color happens when there’s a shader error. It means something is going on with your shader setup!

If you’re uploading to android it’s possible that the shader replacement is failing. Make sure your SDK is up to date and that you’re using a supported shader.

(Very late reply, I know, sorry) Yes I’m uploading to android, the problem is that I also recently updated the SDK and tried again, getting the same exact issue, I am using a supported shader too, specially since if I even try to use another it warns me it’s not the official vrchat quest shaders. Also from the preview for some reason it shows fine (Like in the picture). Even when I changed the texture by just drawing over it with some stripes it showed me the correct texture, but using the avatar ends up in that pink neon blob happening

Edit: It also doesn’t really give me any errors or warnings in the console

this is the exact same problem im having, everything is up to date, no errors in the console, and i meet all requirements and its still just showing up pink. so im kinda just atta lost for what to do.

This thread is quite old but I wanted to see if anyone found a solution. I am using the exact same waterpark shark Avatar.
After some testing I’ve figured out that this happens to the textures after adding GogoLoco. I’m not sure why though, it works perfectly fine before adding it.