The ability to follow members of the forum

If possible, having a follow button on members pages, that then allows us to be notified of when that user makes a new post. For example, if I see a user who posts a world in the World Showcase and I really like their world, I could “follow” them and be notified if they post more worlds. Similarly if someone shares an amazing guide in the tutorials section, I could “follow” them to be notified if they post more guides.

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Although I believe this could be useful, I do have two concerns:

  1. I would be worried about abuse of this feature, but more importantly…
  2. I don’t believe Discourse offers that as vanilla functionality.

Reason 1 isn’t as strong as 2, as you can always search for posts by a user. I’ll look into it, but from what I understand I don’t believe it is possible without an additional plugin, which we’re not going to expand on right now.

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ahh makes sense, well maybe a future feature then :slight_smile: