An instance description would be a nice feature

And easy to implement.

The issue is that world instances are shown by the name of the world alone. So if 10 people are having a “meeting about ” in “the arena” nobody who sees that instance has any idea about the meeting. They only see that there are 10 people in a world.

If there was an input when instantiating a world that could be used to express “purpose” people could join (or avoid) an instance depending upon something other than “there are 10 people in the world”.

It would be temporary and apply only to the instance so long as the instance existed. This makes meetings in VRC a bit more feasible without a lot of extra development to support actually scheduling meetings.

A sensible group name like ‘debauchery tea party’ or ‘linux on the desktop’ might work.

Either way, the ability to close such an instance when the event is over would be very useful.

It isn’t actually related to groups. If I wanted to (for instance) gather 4 friends in “the cantina” because we were going to practice Spanish I’d like to be able to make that apparent in the instance (as I created it). So “1hr Spanish Chat” would be nice to add.

If there are multiple instances of “the cantina” world visible to friends they would know this was for Spanish chat and others might be able to discern that this isn’t just another instance.

It expresses purpose where showing the world name does not. Even if the world was named “Meeting Room” nobody knows what they are meeting about.

For a small number of users, the best thing may be to simply create an Invite+ instance and invite your friends to that (via IM or discord or whatever), that isolates the instance to people you want to be there, and keeps other random publics from hopping in or being disruptive, just a thought :slight_smile:

Someone can use a world with a stage for a debate but if I see 3 worlds with friends in them how would I know there is a debate going on in one of them? What if 2 friends send me an invite to separate worlds?

The idea is to have an idea why the people in that world are in that world. Maybe to chat about programming, maybe politics, maybe nothing. That’s what an optional additional text field would indicate.

If people are having a tournament in the “fighter planes” world they could indicate that there is a tournament going on. That’s additional information about the “why” which is currently lacking.

It is also easy to implement and to understand and it is optional to use.