Stop Forcing Acessibility Features/Bug Fixes to Win A Popularity Contest to Be Implemented: Aka Why Canny sucks

Canny is neat and all but flawed as hell in how easily it buries basic necessities for the most common needs of the community under overhyped vanity features that only a very small portion of people actually will wind up using just because they look/sound cool on paper.

Why are we putting the vote for basic accessibility features like A BRIGHTNESS SLIDER THAT MOVES IN MORE THAN ONE DIRECTION against whatever the most current flavor of the month thing available is?

Is this why the avatar SDK still has 1.0 bugs in it? Because they’re buried under the mountain of feature hype in the canny for squish bones, etc. What is the mentality behind making people vote for whether a BUG REPORT or FEATURE REQUEST gets more attention from the dev team?

Why Doesn’t The canny at least have a separate section for accessibility requests so they stop being buried under the mountains of people demanding the removal of EAC or that you do something about the flood of rippers?

Why does the disabled player base have to compete in a popularity contest to get their needs met in the first place?

Didn’t you file a feature request for the brightness slider like a day or two ago? Maybe a week?

Canny votes aren’t exactly leading anything, otherwise we’d have a clock strapped into the quick menu, instead of a lot of radio silence.

Oh, at the end you’re asking for a post precessing option at the client level.

I think you should have either mentioned that sooner, or maybe give an example of a world that is too dark. Give us in the peanut gallery something to see, or not see.

great gotcha moment there with the whole not reading the entirety of my post or getting the point of how it canny literally forces actual game breaking issues to compete with vanity items but okay.