Screen Tearing Only On Stream Side With Dual PC Setup

Hi since there’s more VRChat content creators than most VR games I figured I try my luck here! I just can’t seem to get rid of screen tearing on my dual pc setup when streaming vr. Only the streaming side sees it. I have an Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk.2, an AverMedia GC573, and Flint 4kP Pro and they all tear on the stream side.

I use “extend these views” on the gaming pc and have obs open on both gaming and streaming pcs. On the gaming pc I use OBS’s Fullscreen Projector Source to get the video to the streaming pc. Screen tearing is almost always present no matter the combinations of resolution or framerate on the headset or on the monitor itself.

I’ll watch my recordings and sometimes the tearing is gone for 10+ minutes and then it just comes back and stays. Sometimes changing the capture card fps properties in obs back and forth between 60 and 120 will reset something and will randomly fix the tearing. Feels like something is not syncing frames correctly on my gaming pc’s full screen projector source.

Have been stuck on this for a long time, curious if anyone here has some things I can try.

That’s very very specific. I am not streaming myself so i can’t recommend anything besides all the usual based on updating drivers, graphics card settings in nvidia or amd panels. Good luck