How to use VRChat screen on Omegle?


How Can I use VRChat on Omegle ?

OBS has a virtual camera option and you can use it to capture the VRChat window. If you’re using VR you can tell the in game camera to be a stream camera, and then the camera is what shows up in the VRChat window to be captured.

Thank you
But I don’t know how to use him, Can you help me ?

I can give you some pointers. For OBS when you first run it, it’ll ask about your intended use, either streaming or local recordings. Those don’t really matter when you’re there to use the virtual camera.

You need to open up VRChat before you can set up the game capture source. You have to tell it what game to look for. Game capture is better than capturing an entire monitor and tweaking the transform parameters to crop out just the VRChat, also Game Capture still captures properly if you’re doing stuff to other windows.

So I can share my VRChat screen on Omegle with OBS, ok ok, thanks !

And once I’ve done that how am I supposed to connect my “virtual camera” to Omegle ?
Because you told me how to capture my VRChat screen, but not how to share it.

My understanding of omegle is that it’s the site where you randomly meet people, and it’s a video call. A video call would be looking for a webcam, and OBS is the best tool to provide a virtual camera from an application such as VRChat or whatever the vtubers use.

Or heck, fire up minecraft and switch to a first person view and waggle your mouse around as you talk to people.

For choosing the OBS camera I’ve seen people do two methods, one is the browser asks for a camera to have access to, and you can choose it there. I’ve also seen some guides where people disable the other camera on the PC, so the browser accessing omegle website can only see one camera