Question for commission artists - about "receipts"

Recently I came across a big problem with an unsatisfied client, in the end I had to issue a full refund because paypal needs clear evidence of the clients receiving their product or service which makes it very complicated when it comes to digital content, they literally would need my client’s IP and stuff like that in the most extreme cases, so how do you handle payments and whatever form of receipt for this kind of content? I have refund policies on my commission thread but they can’t just be enforced without some kind of signature or the like I guess.

see: Our buyer protection now covers intangibles

the best way to handle these is by having the communication in a platform that doesn’t allow them to edit things. Like emails. And using link shorteners that allow you to see when some one clicked on the link like grabbify

I see, thanks for the info.

Use invoices if you aren’t doing so already. Also, Twitter DM’s are good for communication because they can’t be deleted.