Sometimes I think we need a public blacklist

Some of us take commissions to pay the bills, sometimes there are those clients that one way or another end up asking for a refund even if the issue can be worked on, there are scammers out there or clients who can’t just be reasoned with.

Platforms like paypal always side with the client no matter what kind of information you can provide during the resolution, it may be understandable in most cases but artists tend to get the short end of the stick, in other communities some people end up publishing client blacklists or asking for references, is there a way to have that here or somewhere with relation to VRChat?

Although I see the problem and understand your intent, lists like this almost always turn into a vector for harassment. I’d advise against it, and instead try your best to educate people on what to look for in people you’re commissioning.

Personally speaking I try to work off recommendations from my friends, which is a sort of personal whitelisting method.