(open) Avitar basemodel edits basic buget edits

(TOS) unless the basemodel/world requested is already in my collection the requested model will have to be
taken into account during the final total calculations otherwise if i already have it there is no worry about the
model costing anything extra as personally i feel like haveing affordable budget avitars and worlds is a good thing
instead of having to commit to a thousand dollar investment like they usualy are

my edits are open to be changed by others as i intend my work to be upgraded in the future or if i am unable to assist be handled by a
avalible artist by giving the Projectfile itself to the commitoner not only for editing by another in the future but also
a anti curruption mesure to prevent the file being lost entirely (unless you are unable to collect this then it will go into a cloud storage)

i will NOT assist in creating crashers or anything explisitly illegal attempting to do so with my work will result in being blacklisted
from future commitons

same deal as unowned base models come with unoned assets for VRChat worlds like furnature packs or Udon powered devices or games

payment must be through paypall

(Cost calculation)

the final cost will take into account taxes and transaction fees to fully cover the cost of avitars not in the library

Tips are welcome as every penny in tips gives a lot more than you realise

quest compatibility (unless it is stright up impossible to do without spechal tools) is free!

calculateing costs
for example here is how i will calculate the prices for a avitar not in my collections

if the avitar is already collected i instead just add +7.75% to cover taxes and paypall fee’s and any potental tips

AC = avitar cost + {my local area’s digital tax rate} + {Paypall transfer fee} + T = potental tips = F (final cost)

(Ac + 6% + 1.75% +T = F)

Costs (avitar):

Textureing- $5

Clothing- $5 per outfit

utility (flashlight flight Nightvison) $1 per

bobbles/toys (props) - $1 per

here’s how to contact me https://twitter.com/ancient_nickk

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Nergyboi commiton - Progress save - Windows, Mac, Linux - Unity 2022.3.6f1 DX11_3
Nergyboi commiton - Progress save - Windows, Mac, Linux - Unity 2022.3.6f1 DX11_3

I thought that the commissions section was being discontinued.

For whatever reason this thread got posted to the community hub.

huh that is strange i just got here so i had no idea about that