looking for someone to make an avatar for me I dont have 100+ dollars to shell out for an avatar, a guy said he would do it for free he lied if anybody else would add me on disc- SpkyKiller if you are looking to scam or me pay dni

So, minor issue. And I don’t blame you for not knowing, or not having enough money to do so.

Creating avatars takes A LOT of work. Not only do you have to know Blender & Unity. There is a lot of guidelines you have to follow for your avatar to be rendered by others. You can’t go over a certain limit, or your avatar could be marked as Poor. For fancy avatars with a ton of stuff on them, it’s not a big deal. As people don’t mind that when they wanna have something awesome on it.

However, besides that point. It still requires a ton of skill and experience to make an avatar, bind stuff onto the avatar, make it work with physbones and whatever else before using it in VRChat.

You can go onto Gumroad and look for avatars there:

However, this has another effect of you having to import the avatar into Unity, making sure you’re using the creator companion tool. Then upload it to your account, and making sure you use the correct labels, that it can’t just be copied. Because depening on the type of avatar you upload, you also risk being banned if an avatar does not follow the correct guidelines.

And I have not even started about android compatibility.

// For context, I’m not an avatar creator, but as a developer I know how hard this stuff is. <insert 12414 attempts at trying it myself here>

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