Quest Fallback not updating

I uploaded a Quest Fallback for one of my avatars, Good Performance so is shown by default, however the shader I used was borked (VRChat/Mobile/Standard Lite) and some animations on the controllers were not working.
I went back, changed the shader to VRChat/Mobile/ToonLit, edited the mesh so I didn’t need the animations (they were for blendshape toggles) and reuploaded.

However, everyone else is still seeing the messed up version. I’ve tested it myself and it was working for me on my own Quest, but it has been over a month now and it’s not updating.

I can’t find any option to delete the Quest Fallback only, and I’ve tried to re-upload the model a few times, but everyone else just sees the messed up version and it really bothers me.
I updated some public versions of the avi with the same fallback model and now I’m worried I can’t fix them, since I uploaded the borked versions first to all of them as they looked really good in Unity.


This is what I mean by it being borked btw, I look like a walking lighthouse to anyone that is on Quest or has not enabled my avatar.

Is it possible that you reverted back to Unity 2019? I noticed awhile ago that VRChat favors Unity 2022 upload over a more recent 2019 upload.

All the projects are 2022.3.6f1, both the PC and Quest versions. (Just double checked)
I’ve been busy re-building and re-uploading all my avatar projects using the 2022 version, using it as an excuse to spruce them up a little and iron out some scrunkles.