Avatar that is good performance rank on quest can't be used as a fallback



Trying to upload an avatar as a fallback and even though it is good performance rank it says it can’t be used used as a fallback. I don’t know if this is a bug or if what was considered compatible for a fallback changed.

Hi @WackyDemonFire ! Make sure to switch to Android and scroll to the bottom of the validations list.

There should be a message there - let me know what you see!

I don’t see any important messages, just the end of the validations list.

Fallback requirements are to be good at least for quest users. were you in that rank when you were in the Android target ?

Also what version of the SDK do you have and on what unity version, so if it’s a bug it can be more precisely targeted.

On the quest platform it is good rank. The Unity version is 2022.3.6 and SDK is 3.5.0

Then that does sound like a but, I’ll let Fax or some staff look at it. Good luck.

In the meantime i guess Imposters are an option, but kinda sad if you had a potential fallback already done