Pumkin's Avatar Tools

Pumkin’s Avatar Tools

A Unity editor script that adds tools to help you setup avatars faster and easier.
It includes a component copier that makes it a lot easier to reimport your avatars, and tools to make your thumbnails nicer.

Here’s a small demonstration gif showing some of it’s features:

Features include:

  • General tools like:

    • Reset pose
    • Move viewpoint
    • Fill visemes
    • Set renderer anchors
    • Force T-Pose
    • And more!
  • A component copier to:

    • Copy dynamic bones (particularely popular!)
    • Copy most other components
  • Avatar info to:

    • Show avatar stats in text format
    • Be redundant
  • Thumbnail features to:

    • Move your camera
    • Set background to color, material or image
    • Hide other avatars in the scene during upload
    • Change poses, faces and camera settings
    • Save and load them to presets!

Grab it on Github


Awesome set of tools, makes a lot of common operations super easy. Thanks for posting!

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I have been using your script for a long while, and it has saved me so much time on so many different occasions.

It’s definitely a must have!

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Damn, those tools are gold… Thank you!

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I never knew this existed, ill look into this! thanks!

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Thanks for sharing these :+1:

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