PC worlds not loading

This issue started around 3-4 weeks ago when I wasn’t able to join pc only worlds. Before I’ve had no problem joining these worlds however now when I try joining them it gets to about 95% then switches to loading to my home world. I’m using Steamvr with Index. Anyone else have this issue?

No PC worlds at all?

I’ve had similar issues where a world will hang sometimes, or load and then kick me out… or just some kind of random thing happens where world loading fails, but typically after trying to re-join the world it clears up.

That’s really odd.

Check the logs. Best bet would be to start vrchat, try to join a PC world and immediately exit vrchat when it kicks you home. VRChat is quite chatty when it comes to writing logs.

A lot of the PC only worlds are quite big, if you snoop in the new section you might be able to find someone simple and PC only

I haven’t had problems with PC only but I have had occasion issue where udon crashes so I can’t log in to public instance occasionally.