Oculus Platform Error during User Proof check: Timeout during fetching DSAT

I have Meta Quest 3.
When I try to enter the game through the helmet, I get this error.
How can I solve this problem?

Почистить данные приложения — не помогло
Clear application data - did not help

Удалить и скачать заново — не помогло
Delete and download again - did not help

Зайти под разными VPN — не помогло
Login under different VPNs - did not help

Поставить стандартный мир — не помогло
Setting the world to standard didn’t help.

Перезагружать шлем, когда делала предыдущие действия — не помогло
Rebooting the helmet when I did the previous steps did not help

Раздавать интернет с телефона — не помогло
Distributing the Internet from the phone - did not help

Поставить VPN на шлем — не помогло
Putting a VPN on the helmet didn’t help.

Yeah. That looks like a real bug. If you haven’t already, open a canny to get help from the support team, I have no idea what could cause this.

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