VRChat DSAT issue (Oculus platform error)

Well, i’m simply having this issue “Oculus platform error during User Proof check: Timeout during fetching DSAT.”

I was able to play the game normally today, no issues happening, some hours later, i decide to get back to VRC, and then boom, this popped up, and i tried resetting my router, connecting to another wifi, forgetting and reconnecting the headset to my wifi, rebooting and etc…

I’m still able to play other games, but VRC is pretty much my main game to play when i crank up my VR, and this is happening with VRC only. (Which ngl… It’s getting me quite annoyed.)

Btw, i’m on Quest II’s standalone version.

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did you ever fix this? if so how?

I am also struggling with this too. I have no idea how to fix this. I have tried restarting my headset and reinstalling the app. I do stand alone and I don’t use a PC.

how did you fix the bug