New features to vote for

This is for new features anything you guys or girls want please add and like to bring more attention to what you want and maybe it might be put in the game we have gotten there attention now we just need to keep it.

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Local avatar favorite it saves your avatars to your game file so you can have an unlimited amount of avatars without putting a strain on servers to save that information only say 100 will be saved to the server for online play the rest can be saved in your game file for unlimited avatars

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An avatar search would be nice in the future like the one within the EMM mod but maybe less buggy so it wont show inacessible avatars. also with the functionality to search for avatars from a specific creator when you see somone in an instance with a nice avatar and be interrested to other avatars of this kind.

Since this is breaking the need to go to avatar worlds it would be nice for creators to decide weather or not you could search for avatars from them.

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Flying in worlds not tagged as game worlds maybe even with noclip would be nice.


It would be absolutly nice to message other friends either from the website or ingame across worlds or instances to ask things or to coordinate metups without interrupting them from something.