Any plans for avatar-type items?

Seems like vrchat devs interested in adding inventory and item system in worlds, but I’m curious if there’s any plans to push it further?

I’m not talking about inventory in general but similar to avatar making system for items.
Like, we all know how many items people add on their avatars. If there was highly restricted system to spawn at least couple of items it can have great potential to make more interactions between players and for creators as well.

ChillOut is did it really janky and allow to spawn too many unoptimized items. But that’s a cool feature in general.

I can’t find any suitable feature request and seems like devs is shifting attention on more world-based items, while I was curious if there is any plans about avatar-like items without any even more complicated systems like inventory or trading.

I’ve talked about this a lot with friends. They could have an item total limit per user, though if they implemented it well, they could have duplicates batch properly and really save on performance.

Would be extremely beneficial to have community access assets, like Uno cards or whatever, that can do Udon stuff, so you don’t have to go to a specific world in order to enjoy popular prefab games, like spin the bottle, pool, those silly potato chips… Being able to spawn a vehicle in a big world and go on a road trip would be amazing.

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