Most Needed Features (From Gathering Info)

So far… Among me and my friends, the most needed features, aside of the ones being added in this next update, are:

  • Quick Flying/No Clipping
  • The Ability to Grab Players by their Torso to carry them Around
  • A Native Avatar Searcher.

Hope I’ve done my part to help!

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I think no clip will only make it worse. Some worlds specifically contain secret rooms or password controlled entry. And the flight and the ability to grab each other can add the creator of the world I’ve seen this a few times. Search for public avatars would be useful but then there would be no need for a whole category of worlds


Tupper replied on Discord to someone asking pretty much the same thing; discord message

But gist of it for you would be;

  1. Nope, up to world.
  2. See above
  3. Has issues, but they are thinking about