New developer update, the camera resolution missinformation

There is a claim in developer update about:

There’s some concerns as once you go past 8k, you have to resort to tiling to capture the full resolution, and that can have weird issues with post processing in worlds.

And i wanted to explain that this is not true, from my understanding the only limitation that can cause issues is the render texture size in memory, so all you need to do is to reduce the anti-aliasing parameter to make sure the texture will fit in the memory.

So no tiling is needed, and pictures can be 16k as long as your PC can handle it.
I’ve also made a canny with more details about what people expect from higher resolution cameras, like compression and that changing the resolution must be possible in-game, whatever I want to use 4k or 8k depends mostly on amount of people around me and what i want to capture.