My avatar's T-Pose is not being recognized by the SDK

I have created a custom avatar in Blender, but when I put it in Unity it tells me that my character is not in T-Pose, while I have made it do a T-Pose by default.
Is my T-Pose not perfect enough?

It tells me there are problems with all my arm bones except for the hands.

Side note: I have only the thumb and index fingers setup, since my character has pincers for hands.
Also it has no face bones.
I want to do face animations another time.

When you exported your avatar as an FBX (i suppose), you need to define a unity humanoid armature to it. That’s how Unity will understand what bones are related to humanoid parts. When you do so, you can configure manually some bones, and maybe some arms or finger bones are not recognized automatically.

If you can verify that or provide some screenshots, we could try to fix the issue.

I was able to make it a humanoid rig, and a was able to enter configuration mode.
But in configuration mode it told me that the arms where not in t- pose.
All bones are attached, it just don’t want to recognise it as t-pose.
I will try to make a screenshot later.

I can’t show a screenshot anymore.
Because it doesn’t allow me to configure.
I now get the following error message:
File ‘VR Chat Minifigure Avatar 2023 12 20’ avatar creation failed:
Ambiguous Transform ‘Head’ and ‘Armature/Root/Hip/Spine/Spine.001/Torso/Neck/Head’ found in hierarchy for human bone ‘Head’. Transform name mapped to a human bone must be unique.

UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

I found the problem.
I didn’t realise that you need to be careful with naming things.
If you name bones the same as something else, Unity will get confused.
Thank the person who replied to my report.
Because off you I had the motivation to find the solution. :slight_smile: