Move player with platform

I’m trying to create an elevator for players so they can move between floors in my world. I don’t want to teleport them to their floor when they push the button, nor do I think it would be a good idea to constantly teleport them to be inside the cabin each frame as the elevator moves.
In other games, I would just make the player a child of the elevator, and then move the elevator. Simple and smooth. But that doesn’t seem possible.

Platform movement is notoriously hard!

There’s not really a good way to do it right now in VRChat. One day I hope we can implement a new character controller that better supports it.

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I will therefore wish you good luck with such efforts you go to improve it.

just override the default vrchat controller with another controller so you can parent that to the elevator object and back out of it :slight_smile: U# is kinda aids but it isnt the worst… yet

VRChat is alot like Roblox but somehow worse at almost everything in comparison.

(if you dont know how to code then you might be at a loss sadly!)