Is it allowed to mix platforms?

so ive been working on a game world intended to be used for, well, games (obviously)

i know both LUA and C# and vrchat is a very close copy of the another game Roblox so what im wanting to do is make a game where both roblox and vrc players can play the same game together but im unsure if that is allowed with the vrc devs as they limit a quite a few things it seems.

Well, I don’t thing the Eula forbids this, but as worlds cannot connect to remote apis easily, that’s the part where you may be blocked.

You can look with string loader but yeah, you’ll be limited fast.

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i already have a solution & other ideas on how to get it all to work i just need to know if the vrc devs would be upset about it as i think it’d be cool

i didnt see anything that says that it forbids this either but i wanna make sure on it as the vrc devs are kinda wack

I guess you can try to tag them on Twitter or something to get a proper response, but usually they love innovation. I’ll wait to see what your project does

Keep communication going to your servers, like don’t try and access anything VRChat from roblox or vise versa. I gotta get to sleep, but the one “don’t do” that comes to mind is loading profile pictures off the opposite service.


the only thing im wanting to to is take the .position of each player from both game and have that replicate for both services so each player can just see each other and maybe even see each others name

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